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China's benchmark interbank gold prices mixed Monday******

BEIJING, Nov. 15 (Xinhua) -- China's benchmark prices for spot interbank gold transactions were mixed Monday, according to the China Foreign Exchange Trade System.。

The benchmark price for gold of 99.95 percent pure or above stood at 381.88 yuan (59.77 U.S. dollars) per gram, unchanged from the previous trading day, and that for gold of 99.99 percent pure or above went down 0.05 yuan to 382.15 yuan per gram.。

Spot transaction prices on the interbank price inquiry market are allowed to rise or fall within 15 percent from the benchmark prices each trading day.。

The interbank gold price inquiry business was introduced in 2012 to enhance market liquidity and enrich trading models. Enditem。

华为Mate 50曝光?采用骁龙898处理器跑分破百万******

    自从华为受到美国禁令限制后,既不能找代工厂生产SoC芯片,也不能购买连接5G网络的SoC芯片,今年推出的旗舰机华为P50 Pro虽搭载了骁龙888 SoC处理器,但只能连接4G网络。有传明年华为发布的Mate 50系列手机,将会采用骁龙898定制版芯片,并计划于明年首季亮相。

    据消息指,这次华为Mate 50 系列手机将会配备由高通特制的骁龙898 SoC处理器,所谓特制就是取消5G功能,只对应 4G网络的版本,但同样还是4nm工艺制作,并由三星代工。安兔兔跑分也会首次破一百万分,对比骁龙888手机,效能或提升了40%。 除了应用骁龙898 SoC 4G版以外,华为Mate 50还会配备120Hz LTPO屏幕,就像iPhone 13 Pro的ProMotion屏幕技术一样,可以因应使用情况自动改变更新率,让手机更加省电。


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China sweeps women's singles semis spots in table tennis worlds******

NEW YORK, Nov. 27 (Xinhua) -- Chinese paddlers continued to shine in the 2021 world table tennis championships held in Houston, making the semifinals of women's singles on Sunday all-Chinese contests.。

World No.1 Chen Meng joined teammates Sun Yingsha, Wang Manyu and Wang Yidi in the last four, after they outclassed their respective rivals in Saturday's action.。

Chen dispatched Japan's Kasumi Ishikawa 4-0 in straight games. The newly crowned Olympic champion was rarely threatened by the world No. 9 as she won a total of 44 points against 29 by Ishikawa in their quarterfinal clash. Chen will take on compatriot Wang Manyu on Sunday.。

Sun proved to be too strong for Suh Hyowon as the world No. 2 and second seed took down the South Korean in straight games 4-0 to book her place in the semifinals, where her teammate Wang Yidi awaits.。

Wang Yidi eliminated Japan's Mima Ito 4-1 in another quarterfinal clash.。

In the men's singles, world No.1 and top seed Fan Zhendong of China lost his opening game against compatriot Lin Gaoyuan but steadied his nerves to win the next four games and confirmed his place in the semifinals.。

Liang Jingkun completed his stunning comeback win by defeating Brazil's Hugo Calderano in an epic seven-game thriller 4-3 to seal his place in the next round, where he will play against Fan.。

Earlier, men's doubles top seeds Lin Gaoyuan and Liang Jingkun squeezed into the semifinals following a nail-biting battle against Germany's Benedikt Duda and Dang Qiu, seeded eighth.。

Lin/Liang's compatriots Fan Zhendong and Wang Chuqin were stopped by the Swedish combination of Mattias Falck and Kristian Karlsson 3-2.。

"In a competition, there are winners and losers. Our opponents played better than us in today's match," said Fan.。

In the women's doubles, Wang Manyu and Sun Yingsha also encountered significant opposition in their quarterfinals. The 2019 champions were forced to make up early ground and struggled to shake off Japanese opponents Kasumi Ishikawa and Miu Hirano, who took the match the full distance. However, Wang and Sun kept their composure when they needed it the most, securing the fifth and final game to progress to the last four.。

Another female pair Chen Meng and Qian Tianyi also romped into semifinals after a 3-0 victory over their South Korean rivals Choi Hyo-joo and Lee Zion.。

Spain's Alvaro Robles/Maria Xiao suffered mixed doubles exit at the quarterfinal hurdle. Robles and Xiao took an impressive opening game in their head-to-head against Wang Chuqin and Sun Yingsha, but the Chinese pair recovered well and eventually took the 3-1 victory.。

China's Lin Gaoyuan and Lily Zhang of the United States were through to the mixed doubles semifinals following a 3-1 victory over second seeds, France's Yuan Jia Nan and Emmanuel Lebesson.。

Making fans even more excited was that German evergreen Timo Boll has extended his legacy in Houston after securing his passage to the men's singles semifinals.。

Boll, 40, faced a stern challenge from America's Kanak Jha, who produced another brilliant display in front of the home crowd. However, after six grueling games, Boll held the upper hand and returned to the semifinals for the first time in 10 years.。

Sunday will feature the semifinals in all five events as well as the mixed doubles final. Enditem。










3.国防部外交部回应美议员访台 解放军演练"南北夹击"


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