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5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Brain Healthy

Your brain is one of the many superheroes in your body. It’s responsible for coordinating your movements, problem-solving, storing your memories, and a lot more.


Yet, most people take their brain health for granted until they start recognizing a change in their memory or other cognitive functions.


The bad news is, as we age, facing some memory loss is normal.


The good news, however, is that you can influence your brain health through simple steps at any age. That’s mostly because our brain is able to produce new brain cells beyond childhood.


In her popular Ted talk, neuroscientist Sandrine Thuret describes how the process of neurogenesis helps us grow new brain cells while also improving our mood and memory.

神经科学家桑德琳·图雷特 (Sandrine Thuret) 在她的Ted演讲中描述了神经协助培养新的脑细胞,同时帮助人类改善情绪和记忆力的过程。

According to psychiatrist and brain disorder specialist Daniel Amen, you have a 50% risk of being diagnosed with Alzheimer's or another form of dementia by the age of 85.

根据精神病学家和脑部疾病专家丹尼尔·阿门 (Daniel Amen) 的说法,一个人在85岁时被查出患有阿兹海默症或其他形式痴呆症的可能性高达50%。

To avoid those risks and make the most of your life, you better take care of your brain before facing problems.


Regular movement


Regular movement isn’t only good for your heart (and waistline); it’s also inevitable for a healthy brain.


Even 30 minutes of aerobic exercise such as walking, swimming, or cycling, five times per week can help to keep your brain sharp.


This might not sound like a big challenge, but for most people, it is.


With almost 40% of the global adult population being overweight or even obese, it’s no wonder that so many people face problems with their memory and concentration levels.


We all want to live long and happy lives, yet, we struggle to take care of our biggest asset: Our body.


Research proves that exercising can increase the size of our hippocampus, which is the area of your brain responsible for learning, memory, mood, and emotions.


If you’re used to spending the vast majority of your time glued to a chair, adding some movement to your daily life might first sound challenging. But if you think of it as a free and easy way to invest in your (brain) health, getting up and going on a 30-minute walk should be a no-brainer.

如果你大部分时间都坐在椅子上,那么在日常生活中增加一些运动听起来可能具有挑战性。但是,如果你可以将运动视为维护大脑健康的一种免费且简单的投资,那么起床并步行 30 分钟应该是不费吹灰之力的。

When You Stop Learning, Your Brain Starts Dying


The rule is simple: If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.


Most people don’t have a bad memory because they’re old. They have a bad memory because they have bad habits, including spending all their days similarly.


To keep your brain healthy, you need to stimulate it to break free from your habitual way of thinking. Instead, you want to challenge yourself and develop new brain pathways by trying new activities.


This could include learning new skills, such as playing an instrument or learning a new language. But it could also involve traveling to new places, completing a jigsaw puzzle, or engaging in other mentally challenging activities.


Keeping your brain healthy isn’t about doing crazy things. It’s more about trying something new and stepping slightly out of your comfort zone.


Magic Happens When You Allow Yourself to *Dream* a Little More


According to research, 1 in 3 adults don’t get enough sleep.


While motivational speakers are often telling people to sleep less, the truth is that a lack of sleep only turns you into an ineffective hustler who’ll most likely fail to achieve his goals.


Sleeping less than seven hours per day lowers your blood flow and impairs your cognitive abilities.


When you sleep, you allow your brain to rest and heal. That’s when you take a pause from the constant information overflow and process everything you learned and experienced throughout the day.


However, brain health isn’t only about how much you sleep. It’s also about the quality of your sleep.


Some easy ways to get a good night’s sleep are:


• Reducing blue light exposure through screens at least an hour before going to bed.


• Avoiding excessive workouts or big meals late in the evening.


• Sticking to a nighttime routine and going to bed at the same time every day.


This Is Easy


Another simple yet increasingly underrated way to keep our brains healthy is to socialize and stay connected to our loved ones.


Investing in your relationships doesn’t only feel good. It’s also healthy for your brain.


Good friendships can lead to less anxiety and worrying, which are both toxins for our brains.


Socializing and surrounding yourself with people (preferably those you actually like) is particularly relevant when you age.


Research even proves that those who are happy in their relationships and avoid being lonely reduce their risk of cognitive decline.


Forming and maintaining new friendships isn’t always easy, but what you can always do is volunteering for a good cause, joining social clubs, or signing up for local exercise classes.


These are all win-win investments that’ll help you live a happier, healthier, and probably also longer life while making an impact.


Don’t Ignore the Obvious Stuff


You can literally fuel your brain through the food you eat. Yet most people do the contrary and fill their bodies with transfats, toxins, and high sugar foods, which accelerate memory loss.


Even though our brains only weigh 2–3 kilos, they suck up to 20–30% of the energy we gain from food. That’s why fueling your brain with the right ingredients matters so much.


Some easy ways to consume brain foods are increasing your intake of Omega 3 and 6, found in nuts and seeds.

食用健脑食物的一个简单方法是增加坚果和种子这些富含Omega 3 和 Omega 6的食物的摄入量。

Coconut and olive oil are great alternatives to keep your brain sharp as well.


And the easiest way to keep your brain healthy is by consuming lots of foods that are high in antioxidants, such as berries, turmeric, dark chocolate, and ginger.


Another no-brainer to keep your brain sharp is drinking enough water.


It’s no wonder you’re feeling sluggish and struggling to focus if you’re ignoring your need for at least 2.5 liters of water per day.


Apart from eating well and drinking enough water, your breath can also influence your brain health.


Research proves that the way we breathe shapes our emotional states. Slow, controlled, and deep breathing can help you calm down and feel better.


Final thoughts


In a nutshell, keeping your brain healthy is mostly about using it to minimize certain risks that stem from an unhealthy lifestyle.


You are in charge of your brain health. Going on short walks, trying new things, sleeping a little more, and spending time with your loved ones are no magic pills. Yet, they can help you stay happy and healthy.


If you combine those fun activities with the right diet, proper hydration, and avoid toxins through alcohol, nicotine, and highly processed foods, you’ll be on the best way to age with a healthy body and mind.


国羽四名球员消极比赛遭全球禁赛 羽协:服从,追加内部惩处******刘雨辰/李俊慧组合东京奥运会摘银。











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手机厂商们得到了启发:既然硬件不可能获取媲美专业相机的照片,那缺失的那部分能不能让 AI「猜」,让算法「补」?

10 年前,Instagram 之所以能爆火,原因之一是当时手机镜头太差,而滤镜用美化掩盖了前者的「无能」。10 年后,今非昔比。手机上的镜头越来越多,摄像模组越来越厚,传感器甚至飙升至一亿像素……但近几年,手机厂商没在「堆料」路上继续狂奔。随着手机空间和芯片工艺的限制,像素和传感器尺寸的增速都在放缓。


自 2019 年起,「计算摄影」的概念在手机上兴起。在手机这种力求便携的设备上,镜头不可能做得太大,厂商干脆换了方向:既然从根上无法突破光学的物理限制,那就从「软」入手,通过 AI 干预来改善摄影。简单来说,就是原来硬件看不到的,AI 来告诉它都有什么。甚至,计算摄影在某些方面已经超越了传统相机,它不只是为了接近后者。


最具代表性的是三年前的 Google Pixel 3,仅凭单摄就在变焦、夜景、虚化等功能上「吊打」友商。

这都让用户开始意识到,「堆料」不一定能满足拍摄需求。在一部不只单纯为拍摄服务,且存储空间有限的手机上,用户是想拍出一张达到 1 亿像素的照片吗?相比「足够大」,他们更需要的是「足够好」——稳定,均衡,易用,能够激发创作欲。

手机不是传统镜头,它的芯片处理能力是持续进化着的。这给了手机厂商们启发:既然硬件不可能获取媲美专业相机的照片,那缺失的那部分能不能让 AI「猜」,让算法「补」?

那么,AI 在哪些方面改变了传统的手机摄影?

先以「超分辨率」为例,所谓的超分辨率,就是从一个低分辨率照片,变成了一个高分辨率照片,AI 靠「猜想」补充上了低分辨率照片没有的细节。AI 是怎么拥有这种能力的?简单来说,先拿出一张高分照片 A,然后故意「丢失」一些细节得到低分照片,继而把它等比放大一张高分照片,接着进行一系列的特征提取得到一张有充分细节的高分照片 B,再将 B 和 A 比对,如果二者接近,则说明中间的参数调对了,这样就把 AI 训练好了。

手机能够进行大范围的变焦,就归功于超分辨率。图片放大后,噪声和抖动会非常大,有了这个功能,就能通过 AI 推理修正噪声和抖动,让图片看起来更清楚。


传统的解决方案是,用户把设备先固定好,拍一张长曝光,另外再拍短曝光,最后进行后期,将相片手动合成为一张,耗时费力。而现在手机上的 AI,可以先进行智能降噪,然后自动拍摄数张长短曝光照片,自动合成,而且这一系列动作都在用户按下快门的短瞬之间就完成了。就这样,用户最终得到了一张 HDR(高动态范围)的照片。

AI 又是如何帮助照片呈现自然虚化的呢?双摄就相当于是人的两只眼睛,每只眼看同一物体的角度不同,会有视差,这种差异能推断出物体之间的前后关系。如果物体离得较远,这种方法就不奏效,加上长期开启多个摄像头功耗增大,业界开始引入 AI。厂商拿大量的图片素材投喂 AI,进行训练,AI 之后就能通过一张 2D 照片,区分谁在前谁在后。通过这种方法,还可以实现人像和背景的精准分割,比如常见的「魔法换天」功能就是对其中的背景进行处理。

使用「魔法换天」,用户可以任意改变照片中天空的状态,尽管原图是白天的云层,但当用户选择「星辰」效果时,照片就会呈现出夜晚中的漫天星空。在强大 AI 引擎下,前后景的分离与融合,天际线的地方几乎看不到后期处理的痕迹。

还有诸如 AI 防抖、旧照片修复、路人消除等功能,都靠手机上的算法驱动。前几年,厂商们拼的是镜头数量;未来,他们要拼 AI 和算法。AI 在智能手机渗透率不断提升,逐渐与手机拍摄融合。


艾瑞咨询发布的《2020 中国人工智能手机白皮书》显示,2020 年上半年,短视频应用在消费者常用 app 的单机单日有效时长占比接近 32%。

此外,手机拍摄功能已成为中国消费者最关注的手机要素,这将继续引导手机厂商提升手机拍摄能力、拍摄功能与使用体验。《白皮书》指出,手机厂商拍摄算法与外部算法公司合作广泛,将近 60% 手机拍摄算法,通过与算法公司合作研发获得;「AI + 光感知」手机算法市场高度集中,以旷视为代表的头部企业份额占比接近 80%。


在变焦方面,我们知道 12-24 毫米适合拍大场景风光,24 毫米拍日常纪实,35-50 毫米拍人文,85-135 毫米拍人像等等。单一镜头很难满足这些需求,而同时加入广角、超广角、长焦镜头这些不同焦段的镜头,就能应对更加广泛的拍摄场景。

不过手机内部空间寸土寸金,手机摄像模组尺寸较小,还需要封装很多硬件和系统,所以很难有与单反相同的光学结构,因此目前手机上的镜头大部分都是定焦镜头,只能在特定变焦节点上实现真正的光学变焦。比如我们常见的 2 倍、3 倍、5 倍变焦,而在拍摄这些光学变焦节点之间焦段的画面时,就需要通过「裁切」来实现,同时画面还可能要跨越不同的镜头。

这时,要实现多枚不同焦段镜头之间更平滑的连续变焦,就需要算法的加入。通常来讲,比如在拍摄 1.5 倍变焦时,算法会将画面中心区域替换为更加清晰的 2 倍长焦拍摄画面,而四周则可以用 1 倍主摄的成像,将两者结合起来,实现双摄的融合。


AI 多摄逐渐走进大众视野,既得益于手机厂商对于产品的迭代升级,也离不开旷视等 AI 企业对于底层技术的创新和赋能。以多摄融合为例,旷视的多摄融合算法采用神经网络设计模型,可有效解决清晰度不均匀、主体边缘线条弯曲、部分位置重影、线条断裂错位、重复纹理错位等传统多摄融合算法中的常见问题。

在旷视 10 月 12 日举办的漫谈 AI 技术分享会上,旷视研究院研究员范浩强介绍说,当下基于 AI 计算摄影的手机拍照已经是光、电、算一体化的过程了,涉及光信号、电信号、AI 计算等多个环节。现在 AI 算法的领域变得越来越大,手机算力本身也在不停增加,按照这样的趋势发展,也许将来手机里面所有的算法都可以使用 AI 了。」

手机成像是一套系统工程,考验的是各个要素之间的匹配。旷视认为,之前的光感知系统是「硬件升级——算法辅助——优化后期处理」相对独立化的运作,有了 AI 的加入,便能将这些流程和软硬件一起协同起来,完成升级。这也就是旷视率先提出的「AI 重新定义光感知系统」理念。

从整个影像系统出发,配合智能手机的光学系统以及传感系统,借力 AI 算法,通过图像识别、融合、增强、分割等方式,升级成像质量,在有限的硬件条件下带来指数级的效果提升。


有了 AI 的协力,手机甚至做到了传统相机做不到的。

以 iPhone 13 上的「电影模式」为例,画面中的焦点会根据情节发生变化,引导观众的视觉,关注画面中的不同区域,要实现这样的效果,传统影视拍摄都需要一个摄影师和一个跟焦员默契配合,往往得拍个三五遍,但现在在计算摄影的辅助下,算法认出了画面中的人物,认出了人物的目光看向的方向,手机这时候知道应该怎么自动调节对焦参数。




2019 年 4 月 10 日,全球多地天文学家同步公布首张黑洞真容,这是这是人类史上首张黑洞照片。这个明亮的火环让人振奋,有望证实爱因斯坦广义相对论在极端条件下仍然成立。但由于黑洞本身不发光,所以要拍出这张照片困难重重。

科研人员集合了分布在全球各地的 8 个高灵敏度射电望远镜,从智利阿塔卡马沙漠到南极冰原,从西班牙的高山到夏威夷的海岛,这 8 个射电望远镜通过「甚长基线干涉测量技术」联合起来,模拟出口径像地球一样大的望远镜。


计算摄影就是如此,用 AI 突破光学的物理限制,用强大的算力创造全新的视觉想象,用深度学习来超越人眼可见的细节。计算摄影技术的持续进化,会催生一些明星公司。同手机的物理升级相比,计算摄影是隐形的,而为计算摄影提供技术的 AI 公司更是隐形的。AI 多摄能逐渐走进大众视野,既得益于手机厂商对于产品的迭代升级,也离不开旷视等 AI 企业对于底层技术的创新和赋能。


Test events go smoothly as scheduled, says Beijing 2022 organizing committee******

BEIJING, Nov. 12 (Xinhua) -- The Beijing Organizing Committee for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (BOCOG) said on a press conference Friday that test events which started on Oct. 5 have been going smoothly as scheduled.。

Two athletes from overseas who tested positive for COVID-19, both asymptomatic, have been isolated, according to the organizers.。

Yao Hui, venue management director for Beijing 2022, said the test events have been going on as scheduled, with six international competitions including the Speed Skating China Open, the 2021 Asian Open Figure Skating Trophy and the ISU World Cup Short Track Speed Skating successfully concluding in the capital city. The BOCOG has arranged flights for athletes, officials and technical staff who will participate in the following test activities.。

Huang Chun, deputy director general of the Pandemic Prevention and Control Office at the BOCOG, told the press conference that two athletes from overseas tested positive for COVID-19, both of whom were asymptomatic. One got a positive PCR test result at customs and was confirmed positive in a retest on Nov. 4. The other was a close contact of the first, found positive in daily testing on Thursday. Now, the two athletes have been taken to isolation facilities in accordance with the playbook.。

The close contacts of the two athletes have been quarantined in respective single rooms, are dining alone and using dedicated shuttles between the quarantine location and the venue.。

As the playbook specifies, close contacts will be allowed to participate in the Games with negative COVID-19 test results in twice daily testing. For confirmed positive athletes, they will be isolated in accordance with the guidelines in the playbook before meeting the requirements of discharge. If the athletes wish to return to their game-time roles, they will be asked to adopt additional countermeasures that apply to close contacts.。

The closed loop is a strict system to protect the health and safety of participants, but the BOCOG always endeavors to provide all athletes with friendly services, including currency exchange, hairdressing, convenience stores and a coffee shop.。

Polish luger Mateusz Sochowicz fractured his leg on Monday afternoon when he was attending a training session organized by the FIL Luge International Training Week in the Yanqing competition zone. He was immediately taken to hospital and received surgery that night, and is expected to leave the hospital on Friday.。

"Medical workers arrived at the accident location in three minutes, and it took about 30 minutes to take Sochowicz to hospital. They tried their best to rush to hospital as quickly as possible with safe driving on mountain roads," Yao said. Enditem。






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