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Countdown to Beijing 2022******

BUDAPEST, Dec. 21 (Xinhua) -- Krisztian Kulcsar, president of the Hungarian Olympic Committee, conveyed a warm message of gratitude and wished China a successful Winter Olympics on Monday.。

"First of all, a big thank you for the Chinese people for hosting the Games under these difficult circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic. I wish them good luck. I wish that the Olympic Games are as successful as they expect, and I wish the same for the Hungarian delegation," Kulcsar said.。

The Hungarian delegation will be relatively small, consisting of between 15 and 20 athletes, with the core part being the short track speed skating team, according to Kulcsar.。

"In the PyeongChang Games, we had a historic gold medal, so we expect to have medals in Beijing too, maybe not one but more," he said.。

A former fencer, Kulcsar competed at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.。

"It was my last Olympics as an athlete, and I cherish those beautiful memories there. The Beijing Games was a fantastic Olympics, seeing all the efforts the people in China put into the Olympics, and I am sure that in two months' time we'll see something similar but in the Winter edition," said Kulcsar, a two-time Olympic silver medalist.。

Kulcsar said he will be traveling to Beijing, as president of the Hungarian Olympic Committee. "This is a tradition in the Hungarian Olympic family."

"The simple fact that we are having the Winter Olympics is a big success. COVID-19 is a big problem on the planet in general. We, the sport family, are suffering a lot, so our approach is not to complain or to criticize the measures the organizers are taking, but to thank the opportunity. With these difficult circumstances and the extra costs related to the pandemic, the organizers are sticking to their idea to organize the games," he underlined.。

The Hungarian sports leader believes that the Olympic Games is truly a unique opportunity that brings people closer through sports.。

"Athletes speak the same language: the language of sports, the language of higher, faster, stronger, together!"

He said he was "very sad to hear" about any kind of boycott.。

"Of course people do not agree on anything. I understand that there are tensions in the world, but I think that the sport movement should be the last which is suffering from the problems of the world, because as I just said, the aim of the sport is to get through all these oppositions and hatred," Kulcsar said.。

"In the past we saw bad examples when athletes were also banned from participating, we Hungarians also suffered in 1984 and we have very sad memories about that, so personally I am against any kind of boycotts." Enditem。

Morata's late goal books Spain's ticket to World Cup finals******

MADRID, Nov. 14 (Xinhua) -- Alvaro Morata's 87th-minute goal assured Spain's place in the World Cup finals in Qatar at the end of 2022 as Spain beat Sweden 1-0 in the Estadio de la Cartuja on Sunday night.。

The goal calmed Spanish nerves at the end of a match where once again they controlled the ball but left their rivals with a chance of springing a surprise until the closing moments.。

It was also a sweet moment for the striker who had been booed by a section of the fans after missing chances in the 0-0 draw between the same teams on the same ground in this summer's European Championships.。

Spain coach Luis Enrique made six changes to the team that won 1-0 in Greece on Thursday, with defenders Pau Torres, Jordi Alba, Cesar Azpilicueta coming into the team along with Sergio Busquets, Dani Olmo and Carlos Solar.。

Despite only needing a draw to qualify directly for Qatar, Spain started aggressively and looked to take the game to the Swedes with Pablo Sarabia going close, while at the other end Emil Forsberg fired just wide after being given space to run at the Spanish defense.。

As usual Spain controlled most of the ball, but (as usual) failed to turn possession into chances and in the 39th-minute, Forsberg had the home fans' hearts in their mouths when his volley at the far post went inches wide of Unai Simon's goal.。

The second half kicked off without changes but with Azpilicueta giving the ball away on the edge of his area, with only Torres' rapid intervention forcing Alexander Isak to shoot well over the bar.。

Morata had the first shot between the posts for Spain in the 83rd minute, but his effort was straight at keeper Robin Olsen, who looked as if he had pulled a muscle in his side a couple of minutes earlier.。

Just two minutes later Morata assured Spain's place in the final with a close-range finish after Dani Olmo's 25-yard shot rebounded to him off the Swedish crossbar and his celebrations said how much the goal meant to Spain, and to him. Enditem。

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